Fresno, CA’s Water Problem

“If I ran a bath in the bathtub,” reports Karen Micheli, “It would just be orange.”

Karen Micheli lives with her husband Michael on Heather Drive in Fresno California. The Micheli couple thought the strange color was connected to a home water glitch, never dreaming that it might involve a city water supply switch from pumped groundwater to surface water.



The Michelis became suspicious when a neighbor posted a question for an online community bulletin board about discolored water. Did anyone else have the problem?

Complaints soon reached bulletin overload, 12 years after the surface-water plant began to function.


Lead content

Water testing was the first step. Discolored water from 260 residents revealed unsafe positive levels for lead in 40 homes. Federal standards require less than 15 parts per billion lead levels to be safe.


The homes with unsafe water could be a lot higher, but Thomas Esqueda, director of the town’s Public Utilities Department says “this is who’s calling us,” referring to the reports on hand.


Effects on water pipes

Pipes react to new water supplies, such as the surface water pumping, in various ways. Water chemistry can weaken or dissolve previously hardened scale of mineral or lead into the drinking water.


A Report from the city’s water division by HDR Engineering Inc. states that “Metal release on copper and lead bearing surfaces will likely be higher when exposed to the more poorly mineralized blends of Enterprise Canal and groundwater.”


Fresno’s search for solutions to the water problem has been fraught with complications. The city has tweaked water chemistry formulas at the surface water plant, blended water before it enters the mains, and changed the composition of corrosion-control additives. Each time one step is completed, the city performs water tests in homes.


Home plumbing

The situation is complicated by the kind of pipe used in the original plumbing of many homes in Fresno. For example, galvanized pipe has often been replaced by cheaper PVC or plastic pipe.

The plastic pipe does not corrode or rust, but Esqueda commented, “It’s not very good pipe.”

He states that the pipe lining is deficient, so there is no protection against soil corrosion or deterioration from water flow.

He noted that galvanized pipe has been used in most homes built prior to 1998. Building codes then did not specify any standard for the bonded zinc within the pipes.



Kassy Chauhan, senior engineer for the drinking water division reports that there is still no clear-cut solution to the water fiasco.

“It is a multifaceted problem that has multiple causes and solutions. We are continuing to investigate.”



The Michelis, alarmed and tired of the long investigation, tore up walls and floors in their home and replaced galvanized piping with PVC. The cost was nearly $6000, not counting the construction remodeling that had to occur with the plumbing. They feel that if lead had leached into their former galvanized piping, replacement of pipes was the only safe solution.


Karen Micheli expressed concern for young people who can not afford such renovations. Many of these people depend upon a short-term car title loan to cover expenses, or simply do without needed items.

“I don’t know what they’re going to do,” she says. “There are a lot of young families out there with young children who can’t afford it.”


Smart Investments for Young Investors

As a young investor, there are some things you should consider before investing in any business. By doing so, you will be able to invest your cash in a professional manner. The main reason for doing this is to maximize profitability and minimize risks.


Financial Performance

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Market Analysis

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Your expertise

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Impact of failure

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Trending Bars and Restaurants in Fresno for millennial

Fresno is a city of California with an estimated population of 520,159. This total amount of population makes it the fifth largest city in California. Fresno has become culturally rich area because of the accommodation of different nationalities and set of traditions. This makes its people unique and mosaic piece. There are so many places in Fresno which you want to visit if you are going there or you already there and exploring the places. If you are a food lover you will love to discover places which have been there for ages which are unique and provides you with the best food or if you enjoy drinking so you would be going to bars. Here are some trending bars and restaurants which you might want to go.

  • Classic Billiards LLC located in Western Village Shopping provides you beer and wine in an affordable range. This place also has a pool hall and wide place for sitting. It is open from 2:00 pm to 2:00 am from Monday to Friday and 10:00 to 2:00 for Saturday and Sunday.
  • Another place where you could have a large variety of beers is Spokeasy Public House. This palace has a large variety of beers and a very friendly staff. Beers keep on changing throughout days so you could sip different beers on every visit. It is located in 1472 N Van Ness Ave, Fresno CA. Its opening hours are 3:00 pm-12:00 am except Sunday. On Sundays it opens at 2 pm and closes at 9 pm.
  • Little Leaf Bar offers you not only beer or wine but a whole menu of food as well. Their food is so good within a moderate price range. If you are going there you do not have to worry about money because you will still be left with some dollars. This place is really enjoyable if you are with your friends. Its timing is 5 pm to 10 pm from Monday to Saturday. It remains closed on Sundays.
  • If you like red beer then Red Wave Inn is the best place in town for you. They have the best red beer and the food is delicious too. Prices are very affordable and bar attenders are also nice and friendly. It is good for people in groups, plays music and the place gives you free Wi-Fi. And if you want to enjoy yourself prepare your mind for a late night show. What else you can expect. It is at 2375 E Shaw Ave Fresno; CA. timings are from 11 am to 1 am and closed on Sundays.
  • Goldstein’s Mortuary& Delicatessen is a place for hipsters. Different bands play live music for the people and this place has a really nice beer. This place honestly a gem. They provide good customer service. Friday and Saturdays are the best days to visit this place.

If you are a food lover and want to try different foods then these places will give your taste buds a little shake.

  • Sam’s Italian Deli and Market is best place in Fresno. This place offers two cuisines: Italian and Delicatessen. They also have a large variety in their menu which is very reasonable in price.
  • Dog House Grill is one of the best places in town if you are visiting with family. They have a good variety on menu. Their service is very quick and a very spacious place. Definitely a place to visit again.
  • The Cheesecake Factory offers you American, Italian, Mexican and Gluten Free cuisines. This place is good for family as well. Price range is average. There are meals that are expensive and meals that are average too.
  • If you are looking for a place which is not too big but has the best food then Café Via is the best place. Food is really delicious here offering you Italian and Gluten Free Cuisine. This café is open for Lunch and Dinner. Atmosphere is good to enjoy food.

There are so many places out which above mentioned are places which have the best food and sitting arrangements and which are certified for their excellences.


3 Men Accused Of Stealing Candy In Fresno Area

Fresno authorities have found all the candy and the suspects who stole it from a clubhouse at a little league field. The men who were accused of taking the candy had a trail that led back to the clubhouse that they stole the candy from. The candy that was stolen was something that the little league needed to sell for proceeds and to help the kids have a snack after games. It is rare that kids are going to be stolen from like this, but the little league had it happen.


The thieves got away with a lot of candy, but they did not steal anything else. It was very good luck that there was no one there when the robbery happened, but the men were still caught based on basic evidence that was found at the scene. Anyone who had information was willing to call in, and they used all that information to find the people who actually did the theft. This is something that troubled the people in Fresno because they did not believe that they would have anything like this happen.


The Fresno area was shaken by the theft because it was so close to the kids in the area, and it is something that the little league was not aware of when they were coming in for practice. It became something that the people in the area were not able to cope with, and it was something that had to be solved quickly so that people would not think that the little league clubhouses were fair game.


The little league has been able to keep playing because they had the case solved, and the little league is happy to have some of the candy back. This might look like a small thing, but it is something that people were hoping would be fixed so that games could go on in the area. The little league families were happy to know that their fields are safe again, and the little league teams were able to keep selling candy at games.


The thieves have been taken into custody, and they are going to be arraigned on robbery charges. These thieves have been shown that even a small piece of evidence can take the police to their doorsteps. Everyone hoped that the theft could be solved, and now they have been caught. The people of Fresno are hoping that this is an example so that other people do not think that they can perpetrate these thefts in the future.


The theft in a little league clubhouse could have been the beginning of something a lot bigger, but it was not because of the swift work of the police. It seems like such a senseless crime to steal candy from little kids, but it is clear that the thieves were not thinking when they made their way over to the fields to steal candy they could have bought at the store. The games will still go on the Fresno little league.


The 7 Best Seafood Restaurants in Fresno, California

From fish and chips, surf and turf, traditional American seafood, to creative fusion cuisine you won’t find anywhere else, Fresno offers a seafood selection like no one else. Let’s take a quick look at the 7 best seafood restaurants in Fresno, California.


#7: Richard’s Prime Rib and Seafood


Richard’s Prime Rib and Seafood features just about everything you’d expect from a classic mid-range surf and turf restaurant – as well as a few adventurous twists:


  • Steaks (New York Strip, Filet Mignon, Top Sirloin, etc.)
  • Lobster
  • Frog Legs
  • Prawns
  • Deep Fried Oysters
  • Halibut

They also offer a full bar, dessert menu and generous drink specials. You can check out their full menu on their website here.


#6: West Coast Fish N’ Chips


Friendly service, generous portions, a full menu made from scratch and a casual atmosphere make West Coast an excellent choice when you want classic British fish n’ chips without breaking your budget. Expect to find:


  • Fish and Chips
  • Scallops, Oysters, Shrimp
  • Fresh Chowder
  • Hushpuppies
  • Fried Pickles

They don’t have a website, but you can check out their yelp reviews and get directions here.


#5: El Pescador


Spanish for “The Fisherman”, El Pescador is one of Fresno’s best kept secrets. They offer a fantastic array of traditional Mexican seafood options homemade daily like:


  • Oysters
  • Ceviche
  • Seafood Tostadas
  • Tacos (Swordfish, Octopus, Fish, Scallops, Sauteed Shrimp)
  • Fried Fish in Garlic Sauce

El Pescador doesn’t have a website, but you can check out their full menu and get directions on Yelp here.


#4: Max’s Bistro & Bar


Sliding into our #4 spot is Max’s Bistro & Bar, an American steakhouse bistro serves up fresh seafood daily with a menu designed to spoil you. Expect to treat yourself with:


  • Calamari
  • Hawaiian Poke
  • Ahi Tuna Tostadas
  • Truffle and Sweet Potato Fries
  • Grilled Bavette Steak

If you’re looking for something a little more refined, Max’s Bistro & Bar is a fantastic choice. Check out their full menu on their website here.


#3: Sunnyside Diner

One of Fresno’s hidden jewels, this traditional American diner serves up seafood and Mexican food that’s some of the best in Fresno, period. Perfect for brunch and on a budget.

Menu varies from season to season, run by a former country club chef with over 20 years’ experience. You can find out more about it on their yelp page here.


#2: Seafood in the Sea

Seafood in the Sea offers a variety of seafood made to order, all at a price that’s right on any budget. Perfect for lunch, expect generous portions, delicious entrees and appetizers like:


  • Fried Oysters and Calamari
  • Coconut Shrimp
  • “Dynamite” Mussels
  • Asian and Cajun Style Crawfish
  • New England Clam Chowder

You can check out Seafood In The Sea’s full menu and get directions by visiting their website here.


#1: Pismo’s Coastal Grill

Featuring an inventive take on the classic seafood grill, Pismo’s is new in town but hands-down one of the best options for seafood in Fresno. Offers a full menu and bar, free wi-fi, an outdoor dining area and an environment that’s good for couples and families. Here’s a quick taste of their menu:


  • Ahi Tuna Sashimi
  • Hawaiian Ahi Poke Tower
  • Oysters on the Half Shell
  • Fresh Salmon and Shark Tacos

You can check out their full menu and website here.

Do you know a great seafood restaurant in Fresno, California that we missed in our list? Let us know in the comments below, we’d love to hear from you.

fresno nights

10 Best Nightlife Spots in Fresno

California is a top destination for most people who don’t already live there. The bright lights of Hollywood and fame, along with the warm climate, bring people from all over the world hoping to settle there. However, most of California is relatively expensive to live in.  A typical house can cost $373,000 on average in California and the average age is 35. Fresno, California’s fifth largest city, has a relative young population, averaging around 30 years old, and 51% female, meaning the nightlife there is still thriving with millennials. The median household income is around $40,000 with the average rent at $870 a month. This is essentially a great place to visit or live, not only because of the demographics, but because it is also in California where it is relatively warm and young. So with all of that great stuff comes the 10 best nightlife spots in Fresno, CA:


  •        Lit Lounge

Thriving with a “chill” atmosphere, this is the spot for those looking to hookah with some friends.

  •        Red Wave Inn

Do you like tacos? This is the place to be on Thursdays, where those tacos are available at 50 cents apiece!

  •        The Standard Restaurant and Lounge

Looking for elegance, this is your place. Previous visitors say this is more relaxed and private.

  •        Fulton 55

Looking to go somewhere with live music? Fulton 55 has a nice big stage with an upstairs for your listening pleasure.

  •        The Body in the Bog Pub

This place is for the beer lovers in the ever evolving craft beer market. Past visitors claim there isn’t a beer that is bad here.

  •        Little Leaf Bar

Great food is the mantra here, besides the bar, the fires are what keeps the people coming.

  •        Bloo Hookah Lounge

Just like with Lit Lounge, the experience here is laid back and is quiet enough to carry a conversation.

  •        Lime Lite

The food and ownership get an A+ here, it is what keeps the people flowing in.

  •        Beer to the People

Another great craft beer to your liking as a millennial, doesn’t cater to the mainstream.

  •        Spokeasy Public House

A bike inspired craft brew joint, with more craft beers to turn you hipster in no time.

While the list is just a short look at the town of Fresno, it is a reminder of all of the things to do after work is finally done. There is a unique bunch of bars and restaurants. From craft beer to elegant dining, there is always something to do before you go to bed and start a new day.

When you think of California, you most likely think of how expensive your trip is going to be. This thought is granted because of cities like Los Angeles and San Francisco. A city like Fresno can change that thinking because of the great standard of living for people looking to visit or live there. These top 10 spots show that Fresno is an up and coming city with a lot to offer for those wanting to experience more than the norm.


Fresno: A Perfect Blend Of Affordability & Employment For College Grads

While Fresno; a not – so – small city of California, may not be the most feasible option to vouch for, especially for students who are looking out for cheap accommodations, yet the city is the most affordable and full of employment opportunities when compared to the rest of the states in the U.S.


Being the fifth largest city in California and the 34th largest in the entire nation, the county of Fresno not only satiates the demands of college grads, but also make them feel awesome with its other attractive and features. The name Fresno is derived from the Spanish script and literally translates to ‘ash tree’ which also appears on the city’s flag. This city is comprised of many factors that are still left unexplored.


Let’s take a look at some of them:




Being fresh out of college, your anxiousness with regard to expenses is quite understandable. Properties are becoming increasingly expensive and living on your own is a luxury that can only be afforded in one’s dreams. If you think that is where the world ends, then think again. Fresno is amongst those few cities in the whole United States that offer surprisingly affordable homes. The starting range is around $190,000, which is astoundingly cheaper than other cities like New York.




The next most important aspect of setting up your bachelor life is to ensure a stable job. Given the overall instability of the economy that has been taking rounds in almost all nations; nothing is guaranteed these days in terms of employment. However, the same may not be applicable in Fresno. The market crisis that occurred is rapidly improving and most major companies such as Aetna Insurance, Cargill Meat Packing, Locker Plants and others are now on the hunt for skilled employees. So, from the employment’s point of view, this is the place, which will hardly let the college grades sit without jobs for long.


–  Living Conditions


There is no denying the fact that California is one such state of the United States, which is well-known for its fine weathers. Similarly, Fresno, California is also admired for its beautiful climate. While the month of January can heat up a little with the average rising up to seventy degrees, the weather starts getting increasingly temperate as the year proceeds.




The major areas that Fresno comprises of include the Downtown area, Sunnyside, Tower District, Huntington Boulevard, Van Ness Extension, West Side, the Woodward Park and the Sierra Sky Park. Most of these places are located amidst the hub of the most lively and always-functioning activities. Restaurants, hospitals, grocery stores and other such places are located close-by, making reaching from one place to another, an easy task to perform.




The city contains a solid collection of bars and lounges that one can make use of for his/her personal leisure time. Spokeasy Public House, Bloo Hookah Lounge, Lime Lite and many more are just a few to name out of the most happening places in the city. Therefore, you need not worry about your source of fun! For the cine-buffs, this city is a paradise because there are several theatres where you can enjoy the all types of movies, plays and other entertainment programs.


So, considering Fresno is not a bad option if you are looking for the best blend of affordable accommodations, varied employment opportunities, travel and amazing nightlife.


However, before finalizing to shift or settle in this city, it is advisable to do carry out a thorough research if you are really looking to experience the best out of this wonderful city.