3 Men Accused Of Stealing Candy In Fresno Area

Fresno authorities have found all the candy and the suspects who stole it from a clubhouse at a little league field. The men who were accused of taking the candy had a trail that led back to the clubhouse that they stole the candy from. The candy that was stolen was something that the little league needed to sell for proceeds and to help the kids have a snack after games. It is rare that kids are going to be stolen from like this, but the little league had it happen.


The thieves got away with a lot of candy, but they did not steal anything else. It was very good luck that there was no one there when the robbery happened, but the men were still caught based on basic evidence that was found at the scene. Anyone who had information was willing to call in, and they used all that information to find the people who actually did the theft. This is something that troubled the people in Fresno because they did not believe that they would have anything like this happen.

The Fresno area was shaken by the theft because it was so close to the kids in the area, and it is something that the little league was not aware of when they were coming in for practice. It became something that the people in the area were not able to cope with, and it was something that had to be solved quickly so that people would not think that the little league clubhouses were fair game.

Was the Case Solved?

The little league has been able to keep playing because they had the case solved, and the little league is happy to have some of the candy back. This might look like a small thing, but it is something that people were hoping would be fixed so that games could go on in the area. The little league families were happy to know that their fields are safe again, and the little league teams were able to keep selling candy at games.

The thieves have been taken into custody, and they are going to be arraigned on robbery charges. These thieves have been shown that even a small piece of evidence can take the police to their doorsteps.

Everyone hoped that the theft could be solved, and now they have been caught. The people of Fresno are hoping that this is an example so that other people do not think that they can perpetrate these thefts in the future.

The theft in a little league clubhouse could have been the beginning of something a lot bigger, but it was not because of the swift work of the police. It seems like such a senseless crime to steal candy from little kids, but it is clear that the thieves were not thinking when they made their way over to the fields to steal candy they could have bought at the store. The games will still go on the Fresno little league.

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