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10 Best Nightlife Spots in Fresno

California is a top destination for most people who don’t already live there. The bright lights of Hollywood and fame, along with the warm climate, bring people from all over the world hoping to settle there. However, most of California is relatively expensive to live in.  A typical house can cost $373,000 on average in California and the average age is 35. Fresno, California’s fifth largest city, has a relative young population, averaging around 30 years old, and 51% female, meaning the nightlife there is still thriving with millennials. The median household income is around $40,000 with the average rent at $870 a month. This is essentially a great place to visit or live, not only because of the demographics, but because it is also in California where it is relatively warm and young. So with all of that great stuff comes the 10 best nightlife spots in Fresno, CA:


  •        Lit Lounge

Thriving with a “chill” atmosphere, this is the spot for those looking to hookah with some friends.

  •        Red Wave Inn

Do you like tacos? This is the place to be on Thursdays, where those tacos are available at 50 cents apiece!

  •        The Standard Restaurant and Lounge

Looking for elegance, this is your place. Previous visitors say this is more relaxed and private.

  •        Fulton 55

Looking to go somewhere with live music? Fulton 55 has a nice big stage with an upstairs for your listening pleasure.

  •        The Body in the Bog Pub

This place is for the beer lovers in the ever evolving craft beer market. Past visitors claim there isn’t a beer that is bad here.

  •        Little Leaf Bar

Great food is the mantra here, besides the bar, the fires are what keeps the people coming.

  •        Bloo Hookah Lounge

Just like with Lit Lounge, the experience here is laid back and is quiet enough to carry a conversation.

  •        Lime Lite

The food and ownership get an A+ here, it is what keeps the people flowing in.

  •        Beer to the People

Another great craft beer to your liking as a millennial, doesn’t cater to the mainstream.

  •        Spokeasy Public House

A bike inspired craft brew joint, with more craft beers to turn you hipster in no time.

While the list is just a short look at the town of Fresno, it is a reminder of all of the things to do after work is finally done. There is a unique bunch of bars and restaurants. From craft beer to elegant dining, there is always something to do before you go to bed and start a new day.

When you think of California, you most likely think of how expensive your trip is going to be. This thought is granted because of cities like Los Angeles and San Francisco. A city like Fresno can change that thinking because of the great standard of living for people looking to visit or live there. These top 10 spots show that Fresno is an up and coming city with a lot to offer for those wanting to experience more than the norm.


Fresno: A Perfect Blend Of Affordability & Employment For College Grads

While Fresno; a not – so – small city of California, may not be the most feasible option to vouch for, especially for students who are looking out for cheap accommodations, yet the city is the most affordable and full of employment opportunities when compared to the rest of the states in the U.S.


Being the fifth largest city in California and the 34th largest in the entire nation, the county of Fresno not only satiates the demands of college grads, but also make them feel awesome with its other attractive and features. The name Fresno is derived from the Spanish script and literally translates to ‘ash tree’ which also appears on the city’s flag. This city is comprised of many factors that are still left unexplored.


Let’s take a look at some of them:




Being fresh out of college, your anxiousness with regard to expenses is quite understandable. Properties are becoming increasingly expensive and living on your own is a luxury that can only be afforded in one’s dreams. If you think that is where the world ends, then think again. Fresno is amongst those few cities in the whole United States that offer surprisingly affordable homes. The starting range is around $190,000, which is astoundingly cheaper than other cities like New York.




The next most important aspect of setting up your bachelor life is to ensure a stable job. Given the overall instability of the economy that has been taking rounds in almost all nations; nothing is guaranteed these days in terms of employment. However, the same may not be applicable in Fresno. The market crisis that occurred is rapidly improving and most major companies such as Aetna Insurance, Cargill Meat Packing, Locker Plants and others are now on the hunt for skilled employees. So, from the employment’s point of view, this is the place, which will hardly let the college grades sit without jobs for long.


–  Living Conditions


There is no denying the fact that California is one such state of the United States, which is well-known for its fine weathers. Similarly, Fresno, California is also admired for its beautiful climate. While the month of January can heat up a little with the average rising up to seventy degrees, the weather starts getting increasingly temperate as the year proceeds.




The major areas that Fresno comprises of include the Downtown area, Sunnyside, Tower District, Huntington Boulevard, Van Ness Extension, West Side, the Woodward Park and the Sierra Sky Park. Most of these places are located amidst the hub of the most lively and always-functioning activities. Restaurants, hospitals, grocery stores and other such places are located close-by, making reaching from one place to another, an easy task to perform.




The city contains a solid collection of bars and lounges that one can make use of for his/her personal leisure time. Spokeasy Public House, Bloo Hookah Lounge, Lime Lite and many more are just a few to name out of the most happening places in the city. Therefore, you need not worry about your source of fun! For the cine-buffs, this city is a paradise because there are several theatres where you can enjoy the all types of movies, plays and other entertainment programs.


So, considering Fresno is not a bad option if you are looking for the best blend of affordable accommodations, varied employment opportunities, travel and amazing nightlife.


However, before finalizing to shift or settle in this city, it is advisable to do carry out a thorough research if you are really looking to experience the best out of this wonderful city.